The Amazing Way Case Studies Generate Leads

The internet drastically changed the way people make buying decisions. What used to be someone walking into a store to make the decision is now made in advance, online and usually with very heavy research about the product or service.

There are many ways to be certain your prospect sees your products or services online. But, seeing is just part of the process. You have to take it a step further …

… You have to convince them and win them over.

Sure, your web presence has to be very convincing, but it has to go further than that. Much further.

More and more buyers are looking to other buyers for details on your products or services.


Because your happy customers are the best representation for what you offer. You can tell them anything you like until you’re blue in the face, but it’s just not the same – it’s a biased story from your own point of view.

An existing customer, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It’s a story that’s convincing, a story that will win over more prospects than any brochure could ever do. Using a satisfied customer as an example in a case study will show your prospect how well your product or service works.

This is an outside source, someone who’s tried your product or service and can testify to how well it worked for them; how it solved their problem.

Why is this important for you?

You have customers who like you, who like your products or services. A case study tells everyone else how good your products or services are, but goes a step further. It tells your prospect how you solved their problem, and how satisfied they are with you. It enhances your credibility.

Besides, people remember stories, not some sales letter or brochure. And if someone reads a good story about your services or products, there’s a greater chance they’ll come to you to solve their problem.

In fact, case studies can do all of this and more:

  • Boost product knowledge. Not everyone out there knows everything about your products or services
  • Justifies the purchase price. If the case study shows a percentage or actual dollar amount where the customer has saved, this shows your prospect the bottom line benefit.
  • Generates excitement and publicity. Write an article spotlighting the case study for a trade magazine. As I mentioned previously, people love stories!
  • Tailor the success story to a specific target market. Target an industry, geography, size, specific challenge, demographics, etc, etc.
  • Increases traffic to your website. Everyday, people are searching the internet for solutions to their problems. Having great case studies on your website will direct this traffic to you.
  • Use it as a training tool. Add case studies to the training material for your new sales staff. And, they’ll be able to use it when presenting the product or service to a prospect to show how effective it is.
  • Builds your reputation. The more satisfied customers you have, the more you’ll get. Case studies prove to others that you are a reputable company.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, people read case studies.

A study conducted by MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm a few years ago shows 67% of technology buyers read case studies, which is second only to white papers at 71%.

If you’re not using case studies now, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Contact me today for more information on how case studies can increase your leads and customers!

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