How to Increase Traffic to Your Website and Win Customers with Customer-Focused Content

Let’s talk about your website … that ever-changing, ever-evolving piece of technology you and your business cannot live without. You know you need it, but it can be such a hassle.

Perhaps you paid a lot of money to get it “just right.” But don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking your website is perfect, and nothing ever needs to be changed.

Why? Because:

  1. Nothing is perfect; and
  2. Something will always need to be changed. Your website may be “perfect” one day but will require changes in some form or fashion by the end of the week. You can count on it.

Google constantly changes its algorithms, so it’s harder to get on page one and stay there. This makes it almost impossible for people to find you unless your website is properly structured and well written.

It’s Not About You

Step back and look at your website with a “customer focus.” Ask yourself:

  • Does it look just “okay?”
  • Do you think it could be better?
  • What’s its main focus?
  • Does it appeal to your visitors or is it all about you?

Have someone you trust look at it. What’s their opinion? Would they buy from you?

Changing your content consistently (and doing some other things – we’ll get to those later) is just the beginning to ensuring a good ranking for your website.

The bottom line is a good ranking means prospects will find you when searching.

Critical Steps You Need to Take

Here are three steps you NEED to take if you want to be found by the right people:

  1. Identify your target market (who you want buying your product or service). You have to know who this is before you begin. Without this knowledge, you can’t make your website customer-focused. Your keywords and content must be familiar with how your prospects and customers think when they search online. And, you won’t know this unless you really know who they are.

  2. Organize your site for your customers. Understand your website is not about you or your business. Yes, it’s about what you have and can offer, but more importantly, it’s about how you can help your prospects Understand your website is not about you or your business. Yes, it’s about what you have and can offer, but more importantly, it’s about how you can help your prospects and customers – how you can solve their problems. You have to show them (through your website content) how you can help them with what they’re looking for. Your website cannot portray an “it’s MY website” and “it’s MY business” attitude. If it does, it won’t attract the customers you want and not near as many as you’d like.

  3. Include key strategies in your content. Make sure the following items are addressed in your content. If you want your prospects to find you (and buy from you), these are not an option:
  • Reiterate what they’re looking for.
  • Show how you can help them in the best possible way.
  • Solve their needs and “pain” with simple solutions that will bring them the relief they want. This will make them very happy. And happy prospects become returning customers.
  • Make it as easy as possible for them to make a purchase (do you have a “call to action” everywhere there should be?), learn more, or contact you with questions. Don’t make them search for these items – it will frustrate them and cause them to go somewhere else.

Apply these “customer focus” items to your website today. This will improve your search engine rankings and win customers!

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